ATI TEAS for Health Sciences

ATI TEAS Components

  • Reading: 64 minutes (53 questions)
  • Mathematics: 54 minutes (36 questions)
  • Science: 63 minutes (53 questions)
  • English: 28 minutes (28 questions)  

ATI TEAS is required for admission into these programs:

Study Guide Information

ATI TEAS Study Manual and the ATI TEAS Online Practice Assessment A & B are Currently Available at

ATI TEAS Online Testing

ATI online proctoring with Proctorio is now available. The ATI TEAS with Proctorio online proctoring costs $70.00 plus tax. Blinn College also charges an additional $15.00 proctor fee.


Bryan Testing Dates

Bryan Testing is available Monday - Friday at 9:00 a.m. with limited seating.

Please fill out the ATI-TEAS Remote Form to sign up.

What To Do Before The Test

In order to provide the best experience for you, ATI recommends administering a dry run test before your ATI assessment. A date and time will need to be set up through the Testing Center.

The Testing Center will provide the dry run testing code to you, enable “ATI Remote Proctoring with Proctorio Dry Run ,” and monitor you during the dry run.

The Testing Center will provide the appropriate ATI TEAS testing code to you the day before your scheduled test. We are required to approve you for testing; therefore, you will not have access to the exam before your testing date.

On the morning of your exam, you will follow the directions in the Student Remote Proctoring Quick Start Guide that we will email you in advance.

Carefully read the attachment “Student Remote Proctoring Quick Start Guide” for detailed information regarding technical requirements, how to set yourself up for success, and what to do when you are ready to take the assessment.

As you complete the payment of the exam, your name will appear, and the Testing Center will verify that you have completed the registration process and approve you for testing. The Testing Center will monitor your progress throughout the exam. You will be remotely proctored by Proctorio throughout the exam and they will report to the Testing Center any issues they detect.

How To Create an Account

This process must be done two days before test day. 

  1. Go to
  2. To the right of the “Search” button, CLICK: Create an Account.   
  3. Enter all the requested information while creating your account and CLICK “Register” to complete your registration and finalize your  user name and password.