Online FAQs

Earning your degree or college credit online may be easier than you think, but still requires time management, self motivation, organization skills to succeed. Find out if you are ready for online learning by completing the SmarterMeasure assessment. SmarterMeasure indicates a learner's level of readiness to study online and/or in a technology rich environment. Your SmarterMeasure score will not prevent you from registering for online classes. It is a tool that will help you assess your strengths and opportunities for growth related to online learning.

SmarterMeasure Assessment

There are two types of online courses at Blinn: online and blended (hybrid) courses. 

Online Courses

Online courses are completed entirely online within a virtual classroom environment, where students interact with their instructors and fellow classmates using a variety of virtual tools. Students should note that online courses may require mandatory face-to-face sessions, such as proctored exams, orientation, reviews, and laboratories, which should total no more than 15 percent of the instructional time. For detailed information, students should review the course syllabus for each of their online courses.

In the course schedule, online course section numbers begin with “N.”

Blended (Hybrid) Courses

Blended courses combine online learning with traditional classroom instruction. In a blended course, the majority (more than 50 percent but less than 85 percent) of planned instruction occurs virtually. Students are required to attend the scheduled face-to-face class sessions in addition to participating in the online class sessions facilitated through eCampus, Blinn’s learning management system. For detailed information, students should review the course syllabus for each of their blended courses.

In the course schedule, blended (hybrid) course section numbers begin with “B.”

Online courses hold the same equivalency as traditional face-to-face courses.
Online courses will typically transfer to other colleges. However, you should speak to an advisor to ensure that your course will transfer to your college/university.
eCampus is the learning management system in which students will conduct their online class sessions. Students log into eCampus remotely and access the information provided by the instructor. Visit the eCampus Tutorials page to learn more.

Blinn provides academic and technical support to ensure an engaging and successful online learning experience. Visit the Support Services page to see the full list of resources available to you.

The Blinn Online staff cannot force students into courses. You will need to contact the dean or department head for that particular course to determine whether that division allows students to be forced into courses.
You can find the contact information for your instructor in the Blinn College Directory.
In the course schedule, online course section numbers begin with "N" and blended (hybrid) course section numbers begin with "B."
Auditing is not permitted with any of Blinn's online courses.

System Requirements

Minimum Processor and RAM:

  • Dual Core 2GHz or higher with 4GB of RAM

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • MacOSX 10.13 or higher


  • Google Chrome (version 79 or Higher)


  • Broadband with a minimum of 1.5 Mbps download and 750 Kbps upload speeds


  • Webcam (Built in or USB plugin)
  • Microphone (Built in or USB plugin) 

Note: The above are minimum requirements for participation in online courses at Blinn College. Specific programs and courses may have further hardware, software, and/or system specifications. Please check with your instructor (or refer to your course syllabus) for any additional system requirements.


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