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Dr. Mary Hensley, Chancellor of the Blinn College District, shared a districtwide update on October 21, 2020. For more information regarding Blinn's comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety plan, please see our Back With Blinn web page.


The Blinn College District’s Fall semester began on August 24, but with our selection of 4- and 8-week courses, you can still take the courses that advance you toward your degree this semester.

Second 8-week courses and third 4-week courses begin Monday, October 19, and the fourth 4-week session begins Monday, November 16.

The following Blinn College courses (listed with their Texas A&M equivalent) are available during the Fall 2020 semester.

Second 8-Week Courses (Term Begins Monday, October 19)

Blinn Course TAMU Equivalent

ACCT 2301: Principles of Accounting-Financial

ACCT 229: Introductory Accounting

ACCT 2302: Principles of Managerial Accounting

ACCT 230: Introductory Accounting

AGRI 1307: Agronomy

SCSC 105: World Food & Fiber Crops

AGRI 1315: Horticulture

HORT 201: Horticultural Science & Practices

AGRI 1319: Animal Science

ANSC 107: General Animal Science

AGRI 1329: Principles of Food Service

NFSC 201: Food Science

AGRI 2317: Agriculture Economics

AGEC 105: Introduction to Agricultural Economics

ANTH 2301: Physical Anthropology

ANTH 225: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 2346: Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 201: Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 2351: Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 210: Social & Cultural Anthropology

ARCH 1301: Architectural History I

ARCH 249: Survey of Architectural History I

ARCH 1302: Architectural History II

ARCH 250: Survey of Architectural History II

ARCH 1311: Introduction to Architecture

ENDS 101: Design Process

ARCH 2312: Architectural Technology I

COSC 253: Construction Materials & Methods I

ARTS 1301: Art Appreciation

Transfer by Course Title

ARTS 1303: Art History I

ARTS 149: Art History Survey I

ARTS 1304: Art History II

ARTS 150: Art History Survey II

ARTS 2356: Photography I

ARTS 210: Introduction to Photography

BIOL 1108: Biology for Non-Science Majors

BIOL 113: Biology for Non-Science Major I with BIOL 1308

BIOL 1322: Nutrition and Diet Therapy

NFSC 202: Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

BIOL 1406: Biology for Science Majors I

BIOL 111: Introductory Biology I

BIOL 1407: Biology for Science Majors II

BIOL 112: Introductory Biology II

BUSI 1301: Introduction to Business

MGMT 105: Introduction to Business

BUSI 1307: Personal Finance

FINC 201: Personal Finance

BUSI 2301: Business Law

MGMT 212: Business Law

BUSI 2371: Business Legal Environment

MGMT 211: Legal & Soc. Environment of Business

CHEM 1411: General Chemistry I

CHEM 119: Fundamentals of Chemistry I & Laboratory

CHEM 1412: General Chemistry II

CHEM 120: Fundamentals of Chemistry II & Laboratory

COMM 1307: Mass Communication

JOUR 102: American Mass Media

COSC 1420: Introductory C Programming

CSCE 206: Structured Programming in C

ECON 2301: Principles of Economics (Macro)

ECON 203: Principles of Economics

ECON 2302: Principles of Economics (Micro)

ECON 202: Principles of Economics

ENGL 1301: Composition I

ENGL 103: Intro to Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 1302: Composition II

ENGL 104: Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 2311: Technical Writing

ENGL 210: Scientific & Technical Writing

ENGL 2322: Survey of British Literature I

ENGL 231: Survey of English Literature I

ENGL 2327: Survey of American Lit. I

ENGL 227: American Literature: Colonial to American Renaissance

GEOG 1301: Physical Geography

GEOG 203: Planet Earth

GEOG 1302: Human Geography

GEOG 201: Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 1303: World Geography

GEOG 202: Geography of the Global Village

GOVT 2305: American Government

POLS 206: American National Government

GOVT 2306: Texas Government

POLS 207: State & Local Government

HIST 1301: United States History I

HIST 105: History of the United States

HIST 1302: United States History II

HIST 106: History of the United States

HIST 2301: Texas History

HIST 226: History of Texas

HIST 2312: World Civilization I

HIST 103: World History to 1500

MATH 1314: College Algebra

MATH 102: Algebra

MATH 1324: Math for Bus. & Soc. Sci. I

MATH 140: Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences

MATH 1325: Calculus for Business & Soci.

MATH 142: Business Mathematics II

MATH 1332: Contemporary Mathematics I

Transfer by Course Title

MATH 1342: Elementary Statistical Methods

STAT 201: Elementary Statistical Inference

MATH 1350: Mathematics for Teachers I

Transfer by Course Title

MATH 1414: College Alg. Science/Engineer

MATH 102: Algebra

MATH 2412: Pre-Calculus Math

MATH 150: Functions, Trigonometry, & Linear Systems

MUSI 1306: Music Appreciation

MUSC 201: Music & the Human Experience

PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 251: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2303: Introduction to Logic

PHIL 240: Introduction to Logic

PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 111: Contemporary Moral Issues

PHYS 2325: University Physics I

PHYS 206: Newtonian Mechanics for Engineering and Science

PHYS 2326: University Physics II (lecture)

PHYS 207: Electricity and Magnetism for Engineering and Science

PSYC 2301: General Psychology

PSYC: 107: Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 2314: Lifespan Growth and Development

Transfer by Course Title

SOCI 1301: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 205: Introduction to Sociology

SPCH 1311: Intro to Speech Communication

COMM 101: Introduction to Communication

SPCH 1315: Public Speaking

COMM 203: Public Speaking

SPCH 2335: Argumentation & Debate

COMM 243: Argumentation & Debate

Third 4-Week Courses (Term Begins Monday, October 19)

Blinn Course TAMU Equivalent
ECON 2301: Principles of Econ. (Macro) ECON 203: Principles of Economics
SPCH 1315: Public Speaking COMM 203: Public Speaking

Fourth 4-Week Courses (Term Begins Monday, November 16)

Blinn Course TAMU Equivalent
ECON 2301: Principles of Econ. (Macro) ECON 203: Principles of Economics
SPCH 1315: Public Speaking COMM 203: Public Speaking

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