Back With Blinn
UPDATE (August 13, 2020. 4:42 p.m. CDT) - Dr. Mary Hensley, Chancellor of the Blinn College District, has announced Blinn's self-certification process and welcomes faculty, staff, and students back for the Fall semester. For more information, please see our Back With Blinn web page.

Advisory Committees

The Blinn College District partners with its neighbors and local business leaders to connect the communities we serve with Blinn’s vision and mission. 

Advisory committees have been established via board policy to assist the Blinn College District Board of Trustees and administration in identifying and responding to the educational needs within the College District's service area.

The Board of Trustees appoints members of these committees for two-year terms and members may be reappointed for three consecutive terms. Each committee elects a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary to serve a two-year term.

Brenham Campus Advisory

Bryan Campus Advisory

Schulenburg Campus Advisory

Sealy Campus Advisory