Transferring to a 4-Year College or University

During the time you are enrolled at Blinn College, you should begin to determine the necessary steps for completing the transfer admission process. The process may require a great amount of preparation, and you should be certain you understand all of the requirements for admission, such as:

  • Application deadlines
  • Minimum grade point average requirements
  • Course transfer equivalency
  • Limits on the number of credit hours that are acceptable in transfer
  • Policies on acceptance of repeated courses and courses with a grade of “D”

Blinn offers a broad range of educational opportunities for students whose goal is to transfer to a four-year institution. In addition to offering a strong foundation for the freshman and sophomore years, the associate degrees are coordinated with a number of four-year Texas institutions to ensure the transfer of credits. By consulting the four-year institution regularly and taking advantage of the resources offered at the college, you may ensure that the transfer process is a positive experience.

Of equal importance is a personal visit to the chosen institution. Many senior institutions plan special activities and campus visitation periods where you can meet with representatives from all areas of the institution.

Major Guidelines to Texas Institutions

Major guidelines to specific four-year Texas institutions can be located in the institutions catalog, web pages, Blinn’s web page under University Connection, Counseling Services web page under Academic Advising, and below. Some guidelines compare Blinn’s courses with the receiving institution’s courses while others only offer the senior institution’s course name and number. Information about  which majors are offered at different Texas colleges is available online.
Four-Year Institutions Major Guidelines
Texas A&M Transfer Guides |  Core Curriculum
Sam Houston Undergraduate Catalog |  Core Curriculum
Texas State Undergraduate Degree Programs Catalogs |  Core Curriculum
University of Houston Degrees/Majors |  Transfer Plans
Texas Tech Transfer Evaluation Office
Prairie View A&M Transfer Admissions

Course Equivalency Guides

Equivalency guides offer a listing of how courses transfer to each specific institution. This information can be helpful if you have selected a senior institution but have not chosen a major yet. You should note that the transfer equivalencies offer information on how, or if, courses are generally accepted by the senior institution and do not indicate how these courses will apply toward a particular major or degree program.

Texas Common Course Numbering System Equivalents by Institution

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